Jayley edit is an editing company for busy photographers by fellow photographer Abbey Bradshaw. I specialize in edits customized to your brand! Offering as low as one week turnaround times, editing tailored to you and custom retouching. Jayley Edits is your one stop shop for all of your editing needs for weddings, engagements, maternity and portrait sessions.

Send an email to Jayleyedits@gmail.com or use our contact form to get started!

*Currently not offering newborn editing

Wedding and Portrait Session Pricing: 

Culling    .02/image

Basic editing    ..30/image    Gradiant and dodging/burning lighting adjustments included for free!

Basic Retouching    4.00/image

Advance Retouching    20.00/hour of retouching required (billed in 15 minute intervals)

Correcting Time Sync 10.00/camera *Will be done on any weddings with 2+ cameras that were not time synced while shooting.

Rush Fee $25 for up to 300 images, $50 for anything above 300 images. Charged for jobs that need a less than one week turnaround time.

Album Design    $4.00/side


Culling - Send us all of your images and we'll take care of narrowing them down to your ideal number of images. Don't have a set number you want? No problem! We'll pull out the best images to create a great collection for your client. 

Basic editing - Our basic editing includes color correction, exposure correction and cropping/straightening each image. As an added service images will also be dodge and burned as needed to even lighting.  Images with basic editing will be ready to have your preset applied and possibly minor tweaking before sending out to your client. Newborn sessions will also include basic skin smoothing and sharpening.

Basic Retouching - Fly aways, exit signs, groomsmen's beer in the background? We'll remove it! Basic retouching includes simple cloning out of distracting items or removal of blemishes. 

Advance Retouching - this level of editing includes head swaps, liquifying, and images that require 3 or more basic retouchings. 

Album Design - Album design price is per side designed. Three revisions are included in the intiial price and then it is $25 each additional revision.


File delivery  - All culling and editing is completed using smart preview catalogs. Files are transferred using a shared folder on Dropbox. 

Turn around times - Each week we accept one wedding with a one week turn around time guarantee. Each additional wedding has a 2 week turnaround time guarantee. Portrait sessions have a turn around time of 2-3 business days. 

Payment - Once a job is completed you will be invoiced for the services you have requested through Paypal. Once payment is received the catalog will be delivered through Dropbox.


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